Zagori is a place where man and nature coexist in perfect harmony. The surrounding area offers many interesting activities such as hiking, horseback riding and rafting.


Zagori is a real hiker’s paradise! There are countless opportunities, from short, easy walks, up to days long cross country trekking routes, all within its boundaries. At first, there is a dense network of all those old roads, many of them in cobblestone and well marked, connecting villages with each other, leading through amazing landscape. Almost all of them pass through one or more of the over 80 majestic stone bridges of the area. Then short or longer paths leading to the most exceptional natural landmarks of the place, as crossing through the Vikos, the Voidomatis or the Aoos River Gorges, accessing Lake Drakolimni or the numerous high peaks of Mt. Tymphe and its neighboring massifs.


Apart from mountaineering, the geographical relief of Zagori is also offered for unforgettable horse rides. Riding is a choice for all ages and all levels, from beginner to advanced horsemen. The walks are made around Papigo, in beautiful scenery, fields and shady paths, beneath the imposing peak of Astraka. Horse riding for all ages and levels of knowledge in Papigo.


Thanks to the beautiful rivers that run in the area, rafting here is the top priority! Voidomatis is by far your first choice because of the incredible beauty of the landscape that crosses and because it does not require experience, knowledge or special skills to enjoy the experience.